Bored with the world and its conformism, Simon prefers to sail and take refuge in his own musical universe where he's not disappointed. Endearing a strong interest in perfectionism, this musician doesn’t confers himself any limits, always delighting by sought melodies. 


Born in France in the early 90s, the current codes don’t interest him anymore, but he's inspired from the codes of before and nonexistent ones. Moreover, after years of practice oscillating on an eclectic and multidisciplinary course, his music became sincere, in adequacy with his way of thinking, sometimes complex and sometimes light. It's a musical torrent mixing dynamism and harmony which he's offers to all the ones who wants to listen to it.

Fitted with an old soul and considering music as the only universal connection, Simon is in perpetual quest for the unique moment, the one that makes us travel and leaves a nostalgic print in our minds, but above all the one moment which has not need to be artificial to exist.